Sunday, February 15, 2009


"Strange things happen
in the darkest nights.

Strange things like
the one that happened to Charlie,
just when he thought everything
and everyone was lost".

~~~ Opening Doors Into The Darkness ~~~



Chad Carter said...

Shall I mention my gas mask affections? And how anyone looks like a pure-dee badass in a gas mask? This is a beautiful shot, FF. Again, your natural dynamic sense shines.

Dave_Flora said...

Drama, drama, DRAMA!
That's a great example of how you frame a shot to be affective. Yes, as with Chad, gas masks get extra points!)
Thanks, Francesco!

rofe said...

Great blog!

Simon Avery said...

Hey Francesco, Just wanted to say I love your work and this excellent blog.
Best, Simon

Francesco Francavilla said...

Chad: thank you so much :D Now that I know your special affection, I will try to do more gas masks ;)
Dave: glad you liked the composition: it's supposed to be a teaser, so I guess it worked well :) Thank you!
Rofe: thank you so much :D
Simon: thank you for letting me know and for the kind words, I truly appreciate it :D


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