Sunday, April 12, 2009

Select Excursions to COLT CITY

Select Excursions to Colt City
Hello Pulp Friends,

first of all let me wish you all a very Happy Easter :D (check out my sketchblog for the Easter Egg I cooked for this special day ;))

I have been busy this week wrapping up that Lullaby story for Outlaw Territory. The pages are all done and they look great, I have been told :) I will check with my editor and see if I can show some more.
In between pages I had chance to do some more concept art for Black Beetle.

Black Beetle

Today we will talk a bit more of Colt City. You were asking where it's located: I would say Colt City is in the nothern East Coast. I like the idea to be close to the sea and I like the idea that it can have very snowy winters (I like to draw snow enviroment: remember my little Shadow tale from a couple of years ago and the current Lullaby? ;)).
I will probably come back with a more detailed map, but for now I wanted to highlight one of the peculiarities of Colt City (and the Black Beetle universe): heavy news coverage. The news crews are everywhere, using choppers, cars, bikes, and they are one of the main information source for BB and the reason why BB will become widely known to Colt City population.

More on that later. Right now have a great Pulp Sunday everyone :)

Colt City News Helicopter

All images © 2009 Francesco Francavilla.
BLACK BEETLE & COLT CITY created by, ™ and © 2009 Francesco Francavilla


Kyle Latino said...

Is BB a media mogul, who uses his information empire to piece together the mysteries and crimes of Colt City?

Very Brit Reed, if so. Cool stuff.

slavi said...

hey mate nice one i smell that this one is going to be great one

P.S. Go,go, go

Chad Carter said...

In this age of media saturation, people are confronted with things they'd rather not know or EVER know...and yet they can't look away. It might be interesting if the Black Beetle shares that obsessive need to right the wrongs we ordinary people are helpless before, but can't seem to escape from. Anyway, FF, this looks crazy good.

Dave_Flora said...

Wow. I'm envious, Francesco! You just put together some concept art, and I'm sold! Colt City sounds like a dark and exciting place, and I like what you've done with the Beetle's helmet from the side. Wonderful!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Kyle: Thank you :D No, it's not gonna be Green Hornet like double identity. Of course the guy will have all the means to fight the crime, hi-tech gadgets and surveillance room included ;)
Slavi: thanks! :) I hope your smelling is right ;)
Chad: That sounds like a cool intro - I might use pieces of it ;) Thank you, glad you are excited about this :)
Dave: thank you, and there is nothing to be envious: I sold you on BB with all this concept illos, but you sold me on Doc Monster with one single freakin teaser! :D


Neue Ziel said...

Heh, I guess CCNews Network are very busy people. Y'know, covering this vigilante-mayhem that is related to Black Beetle and all. Then, does BB have an alter-ego? I mean, like... a human counterpart? Or he's an "idea" like V?

Francesco Francavilla said...

Ha, we overlapped, Neue :D The fact the CCN sounds a bit like CNN is a total coincidence btw ;) Thanks for the comment :D


Francesco Francavilla said...

P.S> Re: Alter Ego: working on it ;)

Kyle Latino said...

Hope I'm not out of line, but if you wanted someone to start spitballing sketches of pulp villians, I could be that guy. But it's you're project, so I don't want to intrude.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Sorry for the late reply, Kyle, I was out of town for the FX show in these last few days. You are not out of line at all and your offer is very kind and appreciated indeed, but - as I might have mentioned earlier - I am trying to do this all by myself to see if I have the chops to do it ;) I am starting to have a very defined idea of the story and I am hoping you all will like it when ready and done :)