Friday, July 29, 2011


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Hello Pulp Friends,

I was very happy to find out that starting on issue 524 I will be providing covers for the Black Panther books: been working on the title for almost a year so that is just a cherry on the cake for me :)
Issue 524 is a tie-in with the SPIDER ISLAND event, where everyone on Manhattan gets some sort of spider power/quality/feature. Editor Bill Rosemann asked me to go retro/pulp (which is not a problem for me at all, as you know ;)) and directly tribute a famous Amazing Spider Man cover by Gil Kane featuring a 6 armed Spidey, and above is the result of such homage :)

All titles and icons and types are all hand drawn.
Hope you guys dig it: I had LOT of FUN drawing this :)

BLACK PANTHER #524 - SPIDER ISLAND tie-in, written by David Liss and with art and cover by me, will be on sale in October.

Here's the solicits:
The Story: SPIDER-ISLAND TIE-IN! First it was American Panther, now it's…Six-Armed Panther? The arachnid infection griping Manhattan hits T'Challa, but that doesn't mean he'll stop trying to protect Hell's Kitchen! And when Overdrive breaks into the quarantine zone, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Panther swings into a deadly race across the streets of New York City. What has the Spidey villain stolen that's worth smashing through a hero-protected border, and why is the lethal Lady Bullseye trying to keep him from getting back out?


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla

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