Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flash Gordon #1 Cover

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Hello Pulp Friends,

Sorry I missed posting this past Sunday but I was in Baltimore for the Comicon (speaking of which, the show was fantastic and I had a wonderful time meeting lots of people and sketching no-stop all weekend :))

To make up for the lack of Sunday post, here's a Tuesday one with the first cover of a book that does not need any introduction: FLASH GORDON :D
The series will be published by Dynamite Enterntainment and I will eb providing the variant covers.
Saying that I am very excited about working on such icon is an understatement.
Hope you guys dig my forst cover above :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla


BrittReid said...

Lovely Raymond-influenced piece.
Will each issue's cover feature a different character?
Can't wait to see your Dale Arden! ;-)

On a related note, will you be doing alternate covers on The Shadow?

Jay said...

Awesome! So looking forward to a new Flash! Esp. after the awfulness put out by Ardden Entertainment

Brendan Deneen said...

Luckily, Publishers Weekly, Aint It Cool News and thousands of fans don't think our Flash Gordon is "awfulness."

Brendan Deneen