Saturday, December 17, 2011

The BLACK BEETLE Lands at Dark Horse!!!

The BLACK BEETLE Lands at Dark Horse!!!
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Hello Pulp Friends,

I am leaving it to the Dark Horse press release that just went out yesterday :D


Francesco Francavilla Unleashes The Black Beetle!
12/15/2011 3:59pm

Adding an exciting new layer to Dark Horse Presents, Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce a new three-part story by New York Times best-selling artist for Batman, and current Captain America artist, Francesco Francavilla: The Black Beetle!

The Black Beetle is centered on a pulp-noir character and takes place in a fictional universe that’s based in Colt City. Francavilla published several stories online and even put out an ashcan. When the ashcan sold out, Francesco quickly realized that many fans were interested in exploring this world with him. It was only a matter of time before Dark Horse approached him about bringing some Black Beetle tales to Dark Horse Presents!

“I’m working on a 24-page story, titled ‘Night Shift’ that will be spread over three issues of Dark Horse Presents. I am hugely influenced by pulp stories of the ‘30s and ‘40s, and wanted to develop a series that used that influence as a jumping-off point to explore some modern storytelling with fun twists. I think this will be a great introduction to readers who are new to this character and universe, but will also be an exciting new adventure for those who’ve been reading the online stories over the years,” Francesco states.

“As a huge fan of pulp and noir, working on my own characters and stories really gives me free reign to explore this world and create lots of fun scenarios and thrilling situations. The stories are definitely full of mystery and intrigue, plus I get to give The Black Beetle lots of cool and funky gadgets. ‘Night Shift’ promises to be full of action, excitement, danger, and double-crosses, so I am overjoyed to see this new tale in print, and hope this is the first of many more to come in Dark Horse Presents.”


I am so excited I can't even start to describe how much :D
More details coming soon.

Have a wonderful Pulp Sunday everyone, and thanks again for all the love and passion for my work :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla
KARA BOCEK, BLACK BEETLE & COLT CITY created by, ™ and © 2006-2010 Francesco Francavilla


BrittReid said...

Looking forward to seeing BB in print (I don't have the ashcan...sob!)
There's always room for a quality pulp/noir character!
Next step: his own title! ;-)

Mark said...

I'm really excited about this. I'd love to see The Black Beetle become a frequent part of Dark Horse Presents. I think you've found a really great publisher in Dark Horse. I hope this is a long and lasting relationship :D

Deka Black said...

Good luck! hope this means more BB and more fame for you ;)

Stepharon said...

Congratulazioni Mr. Francavilla!

JC said...

Yes, yes, yes. Finally going to roll with Black Beetle! Congratulations. Once again, the comic world is a much better place!

The Groovy Agent said...

Whahoo! Man, the best just keeps getting better. Congrats and thanks in advance for the great stories we're going to get to enjoy!

BrittReid said...

When will the Black Beetle and Kara action figures be available?

They'd go great with my Green Hornet, Kato, and Shadow figures! ;-)

Denver Brubaker said...


Chuck Wells said...

Congrats! I look forward to seeing this one.

Francesco Francavilla said...

WOW, guys, thank you so much for the warm response, I truly appreciate it and am so happy to see you excited about The Black Beetle news as much as I am :)
BrittReid: definitely planning to get to that next step :)
Mark: me too. DH is perfect for BB so I hope to stick around there for a while :)
Deka: this def means more BB for everyone :)
Stepharon: :)
JC: trying my best and moving as fast as I can :)
GroovyAgent: Hope y'all will enjoy what I am cooking for BB :)
BrittReid: I guess I need to get started on those, don't I? ;)
Denver: :)
Chuck: :)

I probably don't need to say this, but stay tuned here on Pulp Sunday for more BB goodness to come :)
Oh, and pls keep the BB love coming :D


Steve Hathaway said...
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Steve Hathaway said...

Great news that your art can now be showcased with your own stories. Hope BB catches with more fans with this greater exposure.

Merry Christmas and Best for the New Year!