Sunday, August 19, 2012

THE SHADOW Double Feature! Introducing MASKS!!!

MASKS #1 Cover
~~ Click on the images for biggie ~~

Hello Pulp Friends,

here's a couple of pulpy covers that will hit the stores in November.

The bottom one is the cover for #8 of THE SHADOW, which will see our hero bringing some action in the alley of Paris, France :)

The top one is for what it might be one of the coolest projects that are coming your way.
Written by my dear friend Chris Roberson and illustrated (for the first issue at least) by Alex Ross, MASKS will see some of the top Pulp heroes joining forces (and guns): this promises nothing good for the criminal underworld, doesn't it? :)

Hope you enjoy these covers/illos (pls drop a note if you do - this place got really quiet lately ;)) and I wish you all a wonderful Pulp Sunday :)

BONUS QUESTION: Next Sunday (August 26th) will mark the 5th anniversary for PULP SUNDAY: should I put together something special to celebrate? 


Artwork © 2012 Francesco Francavilla 


Andrew Tribe said...

Totally love the concept for a poster alone, but to be an actual comic? Wow. Love your art. Thanks for blogging!

Ilia said...

beautiful tribute to one of the shadow pulp covers. Francesco you have done some great covers. Are you doing posters of any of these? Are these penciled first and then digitally worked on? Just curious. Congrats on all of the work.

BrittReid said...

A wonderful take on a classic Shadow cover Room of Doom , using the similar visual aspects of the heroes to tie them together in a visualization of various manifestations of justice.
(Can you tell I liked it?)

Brian said...

Been looking forward to Masks ever since I heard about it. Should be a great book.

As for the Anniversary, how about a little Black Beetle?

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Andrew, Ilia, Britt, and Brian, glad to see some of the 'early years' guys still sticking around here after 5 years :)

Ilia & Britt: I knew I could count on you Pulp experts to catch the inspiration cover. I hope I managed to make mine my own enough though. :)

Brian: Some Black Beetle WOULD be cool :)


Dennis said...

Late to the party. Probably too late for you to do anything with this idea, but... how about a nice big desktop wallpaper mozaic of your many pulp cover images? That would be cool to have as a desktop background image. Loving everything you do.