Sunday, September 30, 2012

SHADOWS ON PULP SUNDAY! The Shadow & Dark Shadows Covers

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Hello Pulp Friends,

Once more, it's Double Feature here on Pulp Sunday!
Here's my covers for THE SHADOW #9 and DARK SHADOWS #13, both in stores in December.

THE SHADOW #9 is written by Victor Gischler with Art by Aaron Campbell
Here's what you need to know about this story:
Revolutionary Part 2 (of 4) - The Shadow finds himself face to face with George Orwell smack dab in the middle of the Spanish Civil War, but his mystic powers fail to illuminate what significance this literary legend holds for the world. No time to figure that out! The Shadow's campaign against a murderous gang of gun runners takes him on a tour of Barcelona's underbelly where he meets the beautiful and dangerous Black Sparrow! But is he really an old friend in disguise? Pause to ponder that and you might miss the deadly dogfight over the Spanish countryside. Pack a parachute, Shadow, because you're going to need it!

DARK SHADOWS #13 is written by Mike Raicht with Art by Guiu Vilanova
Here's what you need to know about this story:
A glimpse of the dark future of the Collins' bloodlines is revealed. What horrors reside in Collinwood in the year 1984? Will Barnabas be able to find out where it all went wrong and stop it? Or has his family's fate already been written in blood?

Have a wonderful Pulp Sunday, everyone, and tune in tomorrow for some October/Halloween month related announcements: if you are fan of Universal Monsters and creepy Horror, don't miss this :)



Brian said...

That Dark Shadows cover is an instant classic.

Burun Estetigi said...

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