Monday, March 25, 2013


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Hello Pulp Friends,

   Inspired by the COLONIZED cover I posted this past Sunday, I decided to make this a ALIENS WEEK! So expect to see Martians (and other creatures from Outer Space) to land right here on Pulp Sunday all this week.

   Today we showcase those bad bad Martians from the classic TOPPS' MARS ATTACKS, which is having a revival as comicbook series thanks to IDW.
   I was asked to do a variant cover for #6 and had the option to be inspired by the classic set of cards by participating to the "30 seconds later" initiative. Pretty self-explanatory, the cover has to happen 30 seconds later of any of the scenes from the original cards.
   I went with ROBOT TERROR, (card #32) because, ya know, Aliens and Robots! :D

   Below the original card from the 50s, and above my 30 seconds later (and cover for #6).


Check back for more Aliens Week!


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