Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Hounds in the Hills" (Feb 20, 1938)

Hounds in the Hills
The ShadowI haven't gone through all the episodes yet but this is definitely one of my favorite so far. The reason is the somehow more horror vibe that you get from listening to this story.
We are in the outdoors, the boondock region of North Carolina. Some crazy lady and her hunchback son have been kidnapping kids for quite some time now, and they do it again while Lamont and Margo are in the area visiting a friend. The Shadow jumps on the case and soon finds the old (haunted?) mansion where the kids are segregated. The horror tones turn into the more familiar (to the Shadow) crime story when we find out that the old house is also the hideout of two crooks. These will hunt the Shadow down in the woods, with the help of the kidnappers' ferocious, cross-breed hounds.

Definitely the episode that inspired one of Mr Burns' (of the Simpsons fame) best tag lines: "Release the hounds!" :)
To find out how the Shadow will get out from this hillbilly/Deliverance situation, listen to the episode by clicking on the link below.

Enjoy the show and have a great (pulp) Sunday!


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John Rauch said...

This stuff is beautiful!

Kyle Latino said...

Oh man, I love to see the Shadow and Green Hornet get the attention they deserve.

Tights? Who need tights? What you need is a suit!

Brian Churilla said...

i love the shot through the trees. excellent. the title card is great as well.

Francesco Francavilla said...
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Francesco Francavilla said...

John: Thanks, man, I really
appreciate the kind comment :)
Kyle: Thank you! And I
totally agree in giving more
spotlight to these classics :D
Brian: glad you like the
shots I am doing, Brian. Thank
you! :)