Sunday, September 2, 2007

"Deathhouse Rescue" (Sept 26, 1937)

Deathhouse Rescue
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?"
"The Shadow knows."

With this laugh and with these words, exactly 70 years ago, the Shadow was introducing himself in the house of thousands of listeners.

This is known to be the very first radio episode of The Shadow. It was believed lost for a long time and the quality of the recording is not exceptional, but it represents the debut of this pulp hero (with the voice of Orson Welles) on a very popular medium of that time: the radio.

The Shadow
In this episode, the innocent Paul Gordon gets arrested, after a car chase, for bank robbery and murder and sent to the death raw. The Shadow knows Paul is innocent, but will be able to proof it in time by framing the real murderer before Paul sits on the "chair"?

Enjoy the show (by clicking on the link below).

Download from the Internet Archive


CCarman said...

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Francesco Francavilla said...

Hey Chris,

thank you very much for the kind words :) I am glad you re digging these because there is way more coming up soon ;)