Sunday, November 25, 2007

"The Voice of Death" (Dec 26, 1937)

The Voice of Death
"Beware of meowing dogs..."
While trying to reach Arthur, an old friend of Lamont, in the Louisiana bayou, Margo is attacked by large dogs who apparently can trick you by meawing from behind the bushes. Lamont manages to scare the dogs before Margo is hurt.
The Shadow
They finally reach Arthur's house which is pretty run-down and apparently abandoned. Arthur had a life-long problem with his voice which pushed him to retire in this remote area (since he believes everyone was making fun of it). The problem is that Arthur is also a scientist and, when our duo shows up to his doorstep, he seems to have resolved his "problem". The voice is now fixed, but what about his un-stable mind?
I can't help to think about mad scientist messing with nature like the Dr Moreau or even South Park's Dr Mephisto. This last one came to mind because of the apparently useless results of some of Arthur's experiments.
Those mad scientists: gotta love'em :)

Enjoy the show and have a great (pulp) Sunday!

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DecoderRing said...

... If a fan of yours may play through with a brief geek-out...

This script was actually recorded a few times over the run of The Shadow, and was recorded by each of the three major actors to play the part, Orson Welles (37-12-26), Bill Johnstone (40-12-08) and Brett Morrison (54-03-21). The only version that is known to survive is the one posted here, which is the Bill Johnstone version from 1940. A small quibble at best.

By the by, the artwork on your page blows my mind, which I really should have mentioned before wading in with a fine display of nerd-bravado over broadcast dates. *sigh*

keep up the great work,


Francesco Francavilla said...

Hi Gregg,

you can play as much as you want, as matter of fact I encourage you (and everyone else) to play. I want this to be a club for Pulp fans, where we talk and discuss pulp stuff :)

I loved your trivia and I thank you for the kind words :)
Bill talked me about you guys at Decoder RIng: I am planning to check your podcasts as soon as I can :)


Allison said...

Thank you, Gregg. I've been driving myself insane, trying to find that Orson Welles version!