Sunday, December 2, 2007

"Message from the Hills" (Jul 31, 1938)

Message From The Hills
The ShadowI could say I choose this week episode of the Shadow because in it we discover the Shadow can hear (hypnotically) from long distances. Or because this is a story about diamonds and we all love diamonds, don't we? (our wives do anyway ;)) Or because this episode is about the tough life of mining people, who have to deal with mining (of course) and with a band of bloody crooks who are willing to kill everyone just to get those filthy diamonds (yeah, filthy... sure! ;))

The truth is that I picked this episode because the idea to draw a 1938 airplane piloted by the Shadow was too good to pass on ;)

Enjoy the episode and have a Pulp Sunday!

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SRH said...

I love the splash of reds here. Just a subtle reminder that the Shadow is in the plane. Really is a great thing you got going on here. The movie with Baldwin in it must have hurt your soul.


Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, mm :)
As mentioned earlier, I am trying to include some Shadow elements in each card.
The Baldwin movie didn't hurt my soul but didn't enlight it either ;) I would love to see a classic, B/W movie about the Shadow.


Bill Cunningham said...

Francesco -

I didn't have your email so I am posting here. If you like aircraft and adventure this may be the thing for you:

Francesco Francavilla said...

Hey Bill,

thank you so much for the link :)
Captain Midnight rocks!!! I am definitely going to illustrate some of his radio episodes. As you can see from this week appointment, I do plan to cover other pulp characters than the Shadow :)

Stay tuned!

electric eals said...

Wow, great pic. Just heard this ep on XM and this really captures it.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Electric Eals :D