Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Blood on Christmas" (Dec 30, 2007)

Blood on Christmas
The ShadowIt looks like my little Christmas project has been successful (thank you, everyone, for the kind words about it) so I couldn't let it go without giving it a proper lobby card, in the tradition of Pulp Sunday :)
I also loved the idea that this was some sort of "Margo Year One" so I decided to include a little portrait of the faithful companion of our hero.

Holiday season is still on so I hope everyone is having a great time and I wish to you all and your families and friends a wonderful, serene, and pulpy 2008! :)

Have a Pulp Sunday and see you next year! ;)



Nick Bed said...

I really enjoyed blood on Christmas. Thank you.

Bobby Nash said...

This has been an absolute blast, Francesco. Thanks for sharing.

Happy New Year.


fedemilella said...

Blood on christmas was great!!! I really hope to see a second installement next year :) Best whishes for a great 2008 to you as well Francesco.
E ricorda di mangiare lenticchie e vestire le mutande rosse... dicano portino fortuna :D Ciao Fede

Cunningham said...

Here's to more in 2008!



SRH said...

Great group of posts here. I am now quite spoiled and want you to update here way more than just on Sunday.

Happy 2008 to you

Alasdair said...

Awesome work. :) I wish I'd known about your project here months ago. I suppose I have the compensation of enjoying all of your work so far in one go. I look forward to your next instalment.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Nick: I am glad you did :) Hopefully you will enjoy the next installments as well :)
Bobby: Thank you! It has been so much fun for me as well, drawing these strips in the middle of the Zorro pages. I should have the originals with me at ACE, if I don't forget to pack them ;)
Fede: grazie, cumpa' :) I did eat lots of lentils indeed (my tradition) and had some champagne instead of spumante (just because I didn't have any ;))
Bill: Salute! and yes, there will be definitely more in 2008 :)
srh: it all depends on how busy I am, but I would love to post art more often in here :) Thank you!
alasdair: yep, I didn't really do lot of work pimping the blog around (for lack of time) but I am glad you found me at last :) Thank you and hope to see you around here more often in the future :)

Have a wonderful 2008 everyone :)