Friday, December 21, 2007

"Blood on Christmas" part 2, Dec 21,2007

Blood on Christmas
Hello dear Pulp Fans,

Welcome to the second strip of "Blood on Christmas". As you can see, I didn't make you wait too long before introducing our villain and, of course, our hero. But it is really everything over already? Will the Shadow be able to solve this situation without harming the poor sleeping girl?
I guess you have to wait until tomorrow to find out ;)

Enjoy and have a Pulp Christmas!


Blood on Christmas - Part 2

Blood on Christmas


SRH said...

I am sooo used to only looking here on Sundays. These are great! I cannot wait to see the next installments. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.

Francesco Francavilla said...

I know, this was a little "unconventional" for Pulp Sunday, but I felt Christmas needed a special little event (and this way you guys are getting double dose of Pulp ;))
Thank you and my sincerest wishes of Happy Holidays go to you and your family and all our friends here :)