Sunday, January 20, 2008

"The Ghost Who Talked Too Much" (May 25, 1939)

The Three Ghosts

The ShadowAnother ghost story for this week, but with a different hero coming to save the day of the unlucky victims: the Green Hornet! We will get to the Green Hornet profile when he gets the spotlight feature, but for now let's enjoy the episode assuming you all are familiar with this other icon of the pulp genre.

In last week episode, the "ghosts" were after the fortunes of a rich woman. This week the "ghosts" are bringing their savvy counseling to the mourning relatives thanks to the special gift of a medium who can put the living in contact with the dead. Soon the Green Hornet and his faithful manservant Kato will discover that the dead have more practical interest than they should. Ghosts and real estate: that's a genius scam that sadly could also work in reality ;)

Before closing, please let me also thank Bill Cunnigham for sending me links to the radio shows of other pulp characters like the Green Hornet. Thanks, Bill :)

Enjoy the episode of "Il Calabrone Verde" and have a Pulp Sunday!


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Cunningham said...

You sir are quite welcome. Especially if it means more cool stuff like this.


Ps. Love your version of the Hornet.

Kyle Latino said...

I love the Green Hornet. He was the first pulp hero of the trench coat brigade that I learned about, thanks to Cracker Barrel novelty tapes. Zorro, of course, was the first.

Totally still psyched about you landing that series.

SRH said...

That Green Hornet rocks!

might want to update the date stamp on your image copyrights.

Francesco Francavilla said...

bill: Yep, that link will generate quite few weeks here ;) Thanks again for it and for the kind words :)
kyle: I am really psyched myself: can't wait to show some page and see if you all like em :) Thanks!
srh: HA! Well, January is the "adjustment" month: I am still getting used to put the '08 in my signature as well. I fixed it in the new image btw. Thanks for everything :)


Ilia said...

The Green Hornet has always been a favorite and this is a stunning piece. You are putting out great work week in and out with this Sunday blog. Thanks .


Francesco Francavilla said...

Thanks to you, Ilia, and to the other good pulp people who make me feel good I started this blog :D