Sunday, January 13, 2008

"The Three Ghosts" (Oct 31, 1937)

The Three Ghosts

Even if this episode was aired on Halloween and starts in what seems to be a haunted house, we will soon discover that (as usually happens in the Scooby-doo cartoons ;)) there is a perfectly logic explanation behind the supernatural phenomena happening in the mansion.
A woman is brought to madness by the newly married husband, a "professor" who turns out to be a crook just released from jail. The guy works with 2 "partners" who play the black widow card as well.

The ShadowSpeaking of card, it's interesting to see how The Shadow plays the terror card, literally, by throwing a half ace of spade to the professor menacing next time he will give him the other half as sign of his death sentence. the Shadow also use his hypnotic powers to have to professor kill one of his own partners.

There isn't much to add other than:
Enjoy the episode and have a Pulp Sunday!


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Brian said...

I love the lobby card on this one and is the type of thing I'd request as a commission if it weren't for that fact that you're drawing 'freakn'" Zorro and I loves me some Zorro.


P.S. Glad you liked the Margo "year one" idea.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Hi Brian,

I guess we can save this kind of commission for later ;)
Thank you for the kind words and for the Margo idea: that was a good one :D