Sunday, May 11, 2008

"The Walking Corpse" (Mar 24, 1946)

The Walking COrpse
Hello pulp-friends,

Today we continue Pulp Sunday Presents: Voodoo Month with this radio episode of the Shadow titled: "THE WALKING CORPSE"!!!

A woman asks Lamont and Margot to find her missing brother who is apparently involved in a voodoo cult. The first person on Lamont's list of people to ask for information, Lopez, is found dead, strangled by someone who was electrecuted a month earlier. A little black hand found close tot he body seems to validate the voodoo aspect of this mystery. Next on the list is Mama Segreto, who also is member of the cult. She doesn't give much information on finding the missing person but later she is strangled by the same "killer zombie" who took care of Lopez.

Has this executed strangler really returned from the grave thanks to the voodoo magic? And why he is targeting members of the voodoo cult? I will leave you to find the answers in the radio episode (see link below). I will just point out that our zombie doesn't just stop with the victims, but he takes care of their pets too (Lopez' cat and Mama Segreto's parrot): not that this has anything to do with the case, but I guess it helps to build the suspense and drama ;)

Listen this episode from the Internet Archive and look forward for more in this "VOODOO MONTH"!!!



Kyle Latino said...

It kills pets too? I hope when I'm a zombie, I have that kind of where-with-all.

Francesco Francavilla said...

it's either everyone or no one ;) Thank you, Kyle :)