Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"White Zombie" (1932)

Voodoo Month
A girl travels to Haiti to marry his fiancee, but with the help of a poisoned rose, she becomes victim of a local sugar factory owner, who uses zombies as slave labor. The necromancer takes the girl to his castle, but he will be killed by one of his zombies. A very low budget horror movie, but extraordinarily evocative, with a superb Bela Lugosi.
The term "zombie" became of common use in 1929 thanks to a book about Haiti by William B. Seabrook titled "The Magic Island". White Zombie (1932) by Victor Halperin can be considered the first authentic zombie-movie. In Haiti, between voodoo dolls and powerful black magic, Bela Lugosi is Murder Legendre, a satanic individual who enslaves zombies in his mill. When a worried John Harron asks who are these weird, cadaveric people without sign of life and personality, Lugosi answers "For you, my friend, they are simply the angels of Death!".

Excerpt from the upcoming "Schermoscuro" Vol.II
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Cunningham said...

One of Lugosi's weirder and better performances...

And how could you not like a villain named "Murder?"

Mark said...

How can you not like a villain who turns his enemies into zombies and makes them work his mill. I also love the hand exercises he does when he casts his spells. Good stuff.

Bob Besco said...

White Zombie is for me Lugosi at his most chilling.

Your style complements the subject to perfection.

These youngsters today with their fancy faster-walking zombies don't know what they're missing.

gdeo said...

beautiful line friend!

Unknown said...

Hells bells! I always enjoyed Francesco's art before, but now he's my favorite person!)
(Good to see you here, Ferus!)


Francesco Francavilla said...

Bill: that's exactly my point" they don't call villains "Murder" anymore ;)
Mark: that's called business! :D Thank you :)
Ferus: true (about the youngsters), and thank you for the kind words :)
Gary: good to see you here, my friend :D
Dave: thank you so much for the kind comment :)

Hope mor epeople join the fun and the discussion here :)