Sunday, June 8, 2008

"The Isle Of The Living Dead" (Oct 13, 1940)

Voodoo Month
Hello Pulp friends,

first of all please let me apologize for missing the last couple of sundays: extra projects came in and my schedule got so tight I couldn't squeeze in anything else. I had actually planned to have the today episode in one of the Sundays in May for the Voodoo month, so here's, even if May is over: hope everyone is ok with me posting it anyway ;) Actually, if you guys agree (please let me know) I might keep voodoo month going also in June as there are some more stories to tell :)

The isle of the Living Dead sounds like some movie from George Romero, but the living dead in this case are the one of the ancient Voodoo mythology we have been talking about in the previous episodes.

During a cruise to the West Indias, a storm stops the ship near the island of San Jun. Lamont and Margot decide to go to shore and visit what appears to be a beautiful, tropical island but they soon find out (from a local source) that "half island is good, but the other half belongs to the devil", more specifically to the devil lady. Apparently the devil lady uses zombies as slave labor in her sugar plantation. Lamont and Margot are not the only passengers who left the cruise ship: there is also a young woman, Betty, who is there for a specific reason - find her fiancee David disappeared on that island some time ago. Native drums start to play in the distance, providing the opening sound score for this adventure of The Shadow ;)
Scary moans from cellars, natives with the skill to imitate other people, hypnosys used to turn natives in slave labor, voodoo evil spells, poisons... just another fun, exotic adventure of our favorite pulp hero.

Hope you guys enjoy the radio episode
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Cunningham said...

Excellent use of the silhouette, Francesco!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you, kind sir :D

Hope everyone is having or had a great father's day :)


Dave_Flora said...

It's such a treat to look at your evocative pictures while listening to the episodes. I dare say that Blue Coal would approve...)


Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you, Dave, and hig praise for Blue COal stamp of approval :)
Radio Shows will be back this coming Sunday - Stay tuned! :)