Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Double Pulp: Zorro & Dracula Meets the Wolfman

Zorro #6

Hello Pulp friends,

time to do that pimpin' thing again, but as you know I always try to make it worth for you all by posting behind the scenes and preview images ;)
Today there are two books which are out in the comic stores and that you should pick up. The first is the 6th chapter of Zorro: things start to get wrapped up as we head toward to end of the first origins arc (in the next 2 issues). You don't want to miss this :)

As you probably don't want to miss the clash of the Century, brought to you by truly yours and master of Horror Steve Niles. The one shot, inspired by a famous Frank Frazetta painting, tells a classic romantic gothic tale adapted for the modern audience: please let me know if you dig it :) Special thanks to Jay Fotos and Nat Jones to make this possible.
And now here's something to get you attention and push you in the store direction (wow, it rhymes! :P)

Hope you all enjoy the read!


Dracula Meets the WOlfman - page 3


James Figueiredo said...

Hi, Francesco!

It's been a while since I dropped by, but I wanted to say I already have the Dracula meets the Wolfman book preordered, and I can't *wait* for it to arrive (it usually takes them a bit longer to get here)! The images you posted only confirm that this book will be AWESOME!


rory said...

Wow fantastic stuff! That shot of the ship is crazy good, as well as the Wolfman stuff. I'll probably pick that up today, so you did good on the pimping!

Kyle Latino said...

You rule! So, I like the step 2, plain inks the best. Lots of 'pop' to the picture.

Francesco Francavilla said...

James: thank you so much :D Hope you enjoy the book as much you enjoyed the preview :)
Rory: Thank you :) And I heard you enjoyed the book too, so my pimping worked out! :D
Kyle: yep, the neat B/W has more contrast. I will probably go that way on my next mini (announcement coming soon ;)) Thanks for the kind words :)