Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"SMILE" - Day 6 - Conclusion

SMILE - Day 6
Hello Pulp friends,

And here's the conclusion: hope it was worth the ride :)
It's no mystery that Nazi "stole" lots of works of art before and during WW2 to place them in their personal "art galleries". Nazi were not the first to do so and not the last, but that was the inspiration for this short tale of Cap America.

Hope you all enjoyed the strips :) (click on the one below to see the second full strip in color)


SMILE - Day 6


mikeo75 said...

Awesome ending! Didn't see that coming, but great way to tie in real history :)

Mark said...

I love it when you do these short strips--thanks!

Greg said...

That was prett swell. A nice little twist ending and great pacing. I really sense that you are having fun with your work and that's not a small thing. Keep up the good work,

Francesco Francavilla said...

Mike: glad you enjoyed it and liked the history nod :)
Mark: Thank you, I will try to do more of these :)
Greg: thank you, and you are totally right: I DO have fun with my work :)