Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scalped Blues

Hello Pulp friends,

As you guessed, I am working on SCALPED and decided to do another promo image which contains a few elements of this issue, but without spoiling anything, I hope ;)
And that's exactly the reason why I am not adding anything more to this post and I leave you with the image :)

Click on the above sepia image for the color version.



Greg said...

Great work, I really am going to have to just break down and read this series, Jason Aaron is a real crackerjack writer so I don't think it'll disappoint. Right now I have a complete run of the first volume of Ed Brubaker's Criminal series on its way and the first issue of Incognito, so I'll have a good crime fix soon.
Hope all is well,

Chad Carter said...

A great series so far, as I recently read all the trades and the latest issues. Great writing, quotable lines, fascinating art. Some of the more real elements can leave you a bit heartsick, but it sure illuminates the conditions on the Rez. Love the work on the cover, FF, which has an Eduardo Barreto vibe, one of my favorite artists. Can't wait to see this new work!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Greg and Chad :D
I am currently illustrating this specific story (#27) and I am enjoying every bit of it: Jason Aaron is a great writer and a good friend so I feel very lucky to work on this :) I just hope I will not disappoint you guys *keeps fingers crossed* ;)
And yes, Scalped is REALLY good, and Criminal (as Incognito) is good too :)