Sunday, August 23, 2009

"League Of Terror" (January 9, 1938)

League Of Terror
Hello Pulp Friends,

This week the Shadow faces with a dangerous counterfeit money ring.
After the innocent Michael Sullivan is sentenced to jail time becuase in possession of counterfeit bills, Lamont and Margo decide to investigate and find out why Sullivan is so afraid to tell who gave him the money.
To bring down this criminal racket, they will ask help to Sullivan's daugther, Mary.

Not the best quality audio in this episode, titled "Legue of Terror", but still a very enjoyable one.

I will never get tired of the accent of the bad guys and of the deliciously retro feel of their (nick)names: Trigger, Big Boss... It reminded me so much of the Dick Tracy villain names :)

Enjoy the show and have a great (pulp) Sunday!

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Ilia said...

did you ever make your pulp sunday header into a print?

pimpernel said...

Great episode, and a fantastic illo as ever. :)

Francesco Francavilla said...

@ Ilia: no, I didn't, but maybe I should do that ;)
@ Simon: thank you, Sir :)