Saturday, December 12, 2009

BB The Movie (!?!)

Black Beetle the Movie
No, as much as I wish it was an actual news, there is still no movie development attached to BB, not yet anyway ;)

Some time ago my good friend and pulp afecionado Simon Pimpernel (everyone should visit his wonderful pulp blog, if you are not doing it already) asked me who would I cast if a real movie about the Black Beetle was to be made. I replied a young Kirk Douglas would have been perfect for the role.
Well this morning Simon surprised me with this fanart photo manipulation, which looks like a real still from some '40s movie :)
I thanked him and asked permission to dress it up as movie poster and post it in here. Permission granted so here it is :)

Thanks again, Simon, it looks AWESOME.
Now if I can only time-travel and get young Kirk to sign for the movie...


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Brian said...

Judging from the clips for his upcoming TV series based on the "Human Target" comic, I'd consider Mark Valley for the role.

Chuck Wells said...

I agree, but the jury is still out on Human Target (even with the hot Cylon onboard for the pilot).


Francesco Francavilla said...

You know, the more I think about it the more I can see him as BB. The only "maybe" is that maybe he has more a Cap America kinda body than BB (which I want to be more average in body type).
BTW looking forward to Human Target as well: I hope it's a good show :)