Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Riding Tornado!

Zorro #18

I bet you have never seen Zorro riding THIS Tornado ;)
(again, click on the image for IMAX version ;))

Just one more reason to not miss issue 18 coming out today in the stores.
Matt came up with a structure similiar to issue 15, with tales of the Fox told (and quite filtered) by a bunch of peones around a campfire. Campfire tales, that is, allowing me to have MUCH fun drawing it. Thank you, Matt :)

Below the back cover for issue 17 that teased on the tales you will find in #18.
Hope you guys enjoy the read :)

Happy Holidays!


Zorro #17 WereFoxr


James Clayton said...

I see that image and the sound of Judas Priest's "Riding on the Wind" comes into my mind...

Awesome stuff!

Evan "Doc" Shaner said...

I loved issue 15, so I'm really looking forward to this. Most impressive is how natural Zorro looks on the Tornado.

Brian said...

I picked it up yesterday and it is on the top of my read pile.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you, James, I need to check that song: I don't think I know it.
Evan & Brian: thank you, hope you guys enjoy the read :D

Merry Xmas!!! :)