Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Swamp Thing!

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The Swamp Thing

Hello Pulp Friends,

This has been announced a week ago or so all over the web, but I wanted to officially announce it here on Pulp Sunday, so here we go :)

I am part of the new creative team, along with writer extraordinaire Scott Snyder and supertalented artist Yanick Paquette, behind the re-launch of DC's SWAMP THING in September. We are adopting the same formula used in Detective, with Yanick taking care of the main story and me alternating art chores with him on issues that will tie in with the main story.

All I can say is that I am VERY excited to be part of this. I love Scott's writing, that's no secret, and I love the Swamp Thing. I have been a huge fan of Bernie Wrightson since forever, so working on his creation is one of those dreams come true :)

So, come September, make sure to pick up a copy of the new Swamp Thing: Scott, Yanick, and I are cooking a special Cajun dish for y'all :)

Meanwhile I hope you guys enjoy the above little portrait of our beloved guy :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla


Ken O said...

I somehow missed this announcment. Congrats sir!!!

The Groovy Agent said...

Swamp Thing, along with Omac and All-Star Western are on my "must order" list! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic come September!!

JC said...

September is the ol' birthday month and though I don't know where the whole birthday gift thing started DC has now given me one of the best gifts possible. YES!

Rick Lucey said...

Man I love your take on old Swampy! One of my favorite comics in my younger days. I may have to get some more again.

Brian said...

Great news, Francesco. You are perfect for Swamp Thing.

Brent McD. said...

awesome. can't wait to see this

JC said...

I am desperately trying to reach you--just in case you are willing to part with your Weapon X rendition. Please let me know. I know you usually don't, and though I enjoy and covet all of your work, that Weapon X is super special to me.

Jeff Corbett

Chuck Wells said...

Damn it, Francesco!

I had really wanted to make DC's upcoming linewide reboot the moment when I stepped off of the bus and bailed on the DCU, but knowing that both Yanick Paquette and you are working on Swamp Thing means that I've gotta stick around at least a while longer.


Jeff Pert said...

You should be drawing the whole book, Francesco!!!

Man Without Fear said...

definitely loving Scott Snyder, Jock, and your run on Detective...sad to see you guys won't be together for the re launch of Batman, however since you and Snyder are coming along with Swamp Thing, which is my favorite character...I just can't pass this up