Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pulp Sci-Fi Week: Commando Cody

Pulp Spotlight
Commando Cody
Hello pulp-friends,

Today installment of Pulp Sci-Fi week is dedicated to Commando Cody, a character relatively "younger" than the ones spotlighted in the past days, but that definitely has all the flavor of the ulp fiction we all love :)
I hope you all will forgive me if I borrow a little blurb (below) from Wikipedia as I am in the middle of a BIG project with tight deadline and could only find time to draw the illo above.
Hope you enjoy it :)


Commando Cody was the hero in a 12-episode science-fiction serial made in 1952 by Republic Pictures entitled Radar Men from the Moon, which was followed up 1953 with the 12 episode Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe.

The strange character name "Commando Cody" was possibly an attempt to make children think they were going to see the adventures of Commander Corry, the hero of the ABC TV and radio series Space Patrol (1950–1955). The equally strange title "Sky Marshal of the Universe," was probably the studio's imitation of Corry's title, "Commander-in-Chief of the Space Patrol," proclaimed at the beginning of every Space Patrol radio and TV broadcast.


Cunningham said...

This is how I see my retirement:

A hot dame.
A jet pack.
A ray gun.

It's the simple things ya know....

Kyle Latino said...

I've always wondered how these jet-pack types don't keep burnning their asses off.


Ilia said...

commando cody and captain america were the 1st serials i saw. i was growing up in Ft. Hood TX and saw them on the local cable station. Next to Ming this is your second best, and it doesn't miss 1st by much. Great stuff.

Now if we can get you to do the spring break Shadow for 5 days ; )


Cunningham said...

Re: burns - omni-directional exhaust and fireproof riding pants.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Bill: you gotta love those simple things of the life :)
Kyle: HA, I often found myself wondering about that too ;) The answer is... see below ;)
Ilia: THank you so much :) I hope a certain Shadow (when the time comes) will be better than the Ming and CC ;) Spring Break? I thought it was over already :P
Bill: Actually I was going to say: metal plates on the butt, but your explaination is more scientific ;)


Ilia said...

my son starts spring break monday from elementary school.

i thought zorro 2 was quite good. matt did a great job on the story and your art fit the story very well. i think it is an interesting background that matt is buidling. it will be interesting to see how this shapes Zorro in the future.

Francesco Francavilla said...

So I guess spring break is still up then :)
I am glad you enjoyed #2: things are getting even better and better in the next issues so you guys are in for a fun ride :)


RealCommandoCody said...

My name is Cody Ming, I find it interesting you have a story about a villain named Ming and a superhero named commando cody. I feel I may be linked historically or spiritually to this somehow. by the way, I am not chinese, so my name is rare.