Thursday, October 30, 2008

SotW: La ianara

Sisterhood of the Witches
Hi guys,

today's witch is well known in the areas where I was born, in the South of Italy...


La ianara
Able to fly and to generate severe storms, to kill pregnancies in women and animals, to shape-shift in animals, and to make kids lose their mind, the ianara, after completing the ritual of covering her body with oils, was used to clebrate the nights with her "witch-friends" and the devils, dancing and feasting on front of Belzebuth, prince of the demons.
As you can see, a pretty mean one in the Sisterhood of the Witches.

Make sure to be back tomorrow for the Halloween finale :)


"Sisterhood of the Witches" © 2008 Francesco Francavilla


Chad Carter said...

Mr. Francavilla,

These are stunning works. I can only humbly offer admiration for your talent, sir.

Thanks so much for "Pulp Sunday"!

Dave_Flora said...

Heya, Chad!

And thanks again for another spooky treat, Francesco!
Terminating pregnancies sounds like the super power I'd be unlucky enough to get if I was bitten by a radioactive baby...

Francesco Francavilla said...

Chad: thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it :)
Dave: HA! Yeah, I know what you mean: we all get the useless or lame superpowers ;) Thanks again for all the support, Dave :)


janara said...

you better be careful posting stories about me...

Botolo said...