Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pulp Screen: "Phantom From Space", 1953

Pulp Screen
Hello Pulp friends,

Hope everyone is enjoying these Holidays :)

Before gettin' to the Holiday SPecial part 2 for the last of year (tune in as it's also the 100 post in Pulp Sunday, so it should be big, I hope ;)), here's another tribute to a less known Sci-Fi classic, here in its Italian dress (which I took as inspiration).
Directed by W. Lee Wilder, "Phantom From Space", from 1953.
Happy Sunday everyone :)


Please Click on the sepia image for the full Technicolor image.

Phantom From Space


Chad Carter said...

It must be so redundant to be so good, FF. Thanks again for another iconic representation!

Cunningham said...

And they call ME the "Mad Pulp Bastard"...sheesh!

Marvelous as always.

fedemilella said...

Ok Francesco, this one is my all time favorite!!!!
Well done :)

ilia said...

you are really rocking on these sci-fi/terror "B" movie posters. a new niche for you?

great stuff.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you, Chad :) Actually I hope I keep improving my skills: if you stop learning, then it means you are at the end ;)
HA! Well, Bill, I have never been called that way, by if it's a compliment, I think I can take it from you for a week or two ;) Thanks, man :)
Grazie, Fede :D Is it because of the subject/composition or because it's in Italian? ;)
30s, 40s, 50s: thay are part of my love for the classics :D (even if I would like to tribute some later Hammer movies too). Thank you, Ilia :) I also need to find a way to go back tot he radio shows...


Dave_Flora said...

I love that freaking lettering, and the helmet is just...eerie! How the heck do you have time to do this stuff?


Francesco Francavilla said...

I make time, Dave , I amke time ;) I am a time-maker :P
Thank you so much :)