Sunday, July 12, 2009


Black Beetle: pages 8-9
Hello Pulp friends :)

Sorry for the "CLICK HERE" button but when you see the pages (yep, double spread this week, baby! ;)) you will know why :)
Lemme know when you click on it ;)

Have a great Pulp Sunday everyone :)


All images © 2009 Francesco Francavilla.
BLACK BEETLE & COLT CITY created by, ™ and © 2009 Francesco Francavilla


Neue Ziel said...

My mind did "KABOOM!". Just as the page did. 5/5.

pimpernel said...

Oh WOW! What an awesome page... and i never saw that coming.

Bye-bye Solomon Kane, i think i just found a new desktop wallpaper.

Evan "Doc" Shaner said...

Wow, Francesco, great spread! Really love where this is going.

Dave_Flora said...

Oh, I saw that coming.

No, wait..I didn't!) Way to shake things up, my friend!

To anyone thinking about buying one of the coveted "Black Beetle Ashcans" from's sooo worth it!


Francesco Francavilla said...

Neue: that's excatly what I wanted it to happen ;) Thanks for the 5/5 :D
Simon: Desktop? YAY!!! Sorry Solomon Kane ;) And glad to have surprised you with this double spread :)
Evan: thanks :D Wait to see what happen next... ;)
Dave: HA! I have been bulding the face-off in the last 7 pages so this would have more impact :) And thanks for the kind words about the ashcan: I am so happy of the good things happening to BB :)


Craig Zablo said...

LOL! Me too Pimpernel!

Chad Carter said...

I got my ashcan and my own gorgeous Black Beetle rendering. First piece of original art I've ever owned. And this spread is...well, anything I might say about it would be like scaring a leprecahn--I'm afraid the treasure will get taken away!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Craig: you too didn't see that coming or you too have a new desktop? ;) Thanks, man :)
Chad: AAAWWW... if I knew this was your first original art I would have gone a little fancier :) And please let not scare the leprecahn ;) Thanks for the kind comment, Chad :)


Ruben Procopio said...

Ciao Musketeer! Simply incredible! What a great character and story! Best wished for all success with the Black Beetle! Ruben

Kyle Latino said...


Francesco Francavilla said...

Ruben grazie, amico mio :) See you soon!
Kyle what can I say? I guess I inspire people ;)

Sorry for the missing post last Sunday but I was on my way to San Diego. Will return posting this next Sunday.