Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Welcoming

Mars Attacks!
Hello Pulp Friends,

John, one of the cool folks who commissioned me art at Heroes Con sent me the scan of the Mars Attacks! drawing I did for him at the show and I couldn't resist to dress those inks up a bit, especially considering the pulp nature of the subject ;)

Attached both the original sketch (well, the scan of it I received from John) and the final color version.
Hope you guys dig this little tribute to the classic Topps card set :)


Mars Attacks!


rory said...

Awesome colors, really gives it that old school feel.

Craig Zablo said...

THAT would have fit right in with the original card set. Well done!

Chad Carter said...

You should just change your name to Francesco Fantastico, FF. Nothing else fits when you lay this on us. Got the email by the way and await BB intoxication!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Rory: thank you! :) Old school, well, that's me ;)
Craig: that what I was going for :D Thank you! :)
Chad: HA! SOunds like a name of a magician or something ;) Thank you, Chad, and I hope you got your BB goodies today :)