Sunday, December 12, 2010


Black Panther
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Hello guys,

I am very happy to see Black Panther (#513) finally out because I know all of you pulp fans will enjoy it. One of the reasons I was chosen to draw this is actually Black Beetle, and I was asked to keep the visuals in that vein (as you can see from the attached images).

Black Panther
-Initial Concept Art for Black Panther-

Not only the pages will look very pulp, but writer (and award winning) David Liss has been cooking a very noirish gritty tale for this.

Black Panther
-Concept for a recurring location in the story-

Click on the image below for an overall look at the interior pages and I hope you like what you see here (and if you do I hope you pick up #513 this coming Wed :)

Have a wonderful Pulp Sunday everyone and tune in next Sunday for a verr Pulp Xmas story :)


Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.
All Characters ™ and © 2010 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved.

Black Panther TMWF #513 Preview
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Ray Bonilla said...

Congrats Francesco! It looks amazing. I'll be sure to pick up a copy and tell my friends !

dicecipher said...

Looks great! Nice pulpy feel.

rory said...

Looks awesome. To be honest I was thinking of dropping this title, the last storyline was ...well, anyway, I was going to drop it but now I see I have to check it out, hopefully the story is as nice as the art.

Brian said...

One of the best covers of the year.

I'll be sure to pick it up.

Carpincho said...

Te falto la "G", es "Negra" ;-)

Paul Milligan said...

Totally loved the first issue and I can't wait to read more!