Sunday, October 28, 2007

"The Tomb of Terror" (Aug 28, 1938)

The Tomb of Teroor
The ShadowWe can't have Halloween without some ol' classic mummy curse, right? ;) That's why the choice for this Pulp Sunday was an easy one, even if, as we will discover, the supernatural has a very little play in this case.

An entire Egyptian tomb is taken to the Museum of Natural Hystory where a large crowd is ready to visit the exceptional archeological discovery. Three men of the expedition crew enter the tomb to inspect it and all 3 die soon after. Is it a curse, or something more "material" is behind it? The Shadow knows ;)

Little trivia: this episode is sponsored not by the famous Blue Coal but by a brand of tires. The Shadow himself is usesd as testimonial in the commercial.

Enjoy the epsiode, have a Pulp Sunday and, most of all, a Happy Halloween everyone!


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monkeyfeather said...

These are AWESOME man.

Federico Milella said...

these are wondeful, any chance to post them in hi-res for my desktop? :)

Frogze said...

I see the Pulp genre glorified all down this blog! If they were planning to reissue that character someday I believe there would be only a few comics stars able to catch that vibe, and without a doubt you are one of them.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you very much, John, Federico, and Emil: I am having fun listening to these old episodes and illustrating them, so I am glad you guys are enjoying it as well :)