Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pulp Sci-Fi Week: Buck Rogers

Pulp Spotlight
Buck Rogers
While surveying an abandoned mine, Rogers, a former United States Army Air Corps officer, falls into a coma after exposure to a leaking gas, and awakes in the twenty-fifth century. Together with his new comrades, the beautiful Wilma Deering and the intrepid Dr. Huer, he struggles to rid the world of evil warlords and "Mongol" hordes.
Created by writer Philip Francis Nowlan in 1928 for a couple of novels published on Amazing Stories, Anthony Rogers changed name in Buck Rogers when his stories were adapted in a comic strip format and published daily on newspapers.

Buck Rogers Rocket Ship
Since then, the popularity of Buck Rogers has grown and grown and reached other media like radio shows (I might illustrate some of them later on ;)), novels, movies, tv series (famous the one from the '80s), and comics again, thanks to the recent move of Dynamite (a publisher well known to me ;)) licensing the character to bring it on the shelves again.
My little challange of the day was to try to make the classic (and a little silly) design of Buck's rocket ship from the '30s look cool. Let me know if I succeded, if you have a min to spare :)



Kyle Latino said...

Certainly has more pinash than the rocket that I did for Captain Future. What I like about yours is that you struck the balance between adding detail and keeping it period. Great job.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you, Kyle :D And if you notice, the rocket ship in the header for sci-fi week is evens impler than your design ;)
It's all good :)