Sunday, May 24, 2009

Black Beetle: Page 2

Black Beetle: page 2
Hello Pulp friends :)

While working on putting together its own space, I hope you don mind if I post here the second page of the first Black Beetle story, a continuation from last week.

Have a great Pulp Sunday everyone :)


All images © 2009 Francesco Francavilla.
BLACK BEETLE & COLT CITY created by, ™ and © 2009 Francesco Francavilla


Chad Carter said...

FF, the page is like being seduced by Zeus in the form of a Pulp Adventurer. This project looks like Cornell Woolrich grew up to become Batman. Drown us in the darkness!

Unknown said...

I was think that you will tease u more will concept art and stuff ,but i was wrong for good plus i can wait to see what kind brutal/horrible baddies you will show us in time

Ruben Procopio said...

Bravo! just wonderful fratello! Ruben

azhar said...

a lot i need to learn from you..

the inking..shadow play..

please comment and guide me on some of my work in my blog.

tq sir

Frogze said...

Absolutely gorgeous, this page swings like a classic jazz tune, absolutely fantastic Francesco!!
I can't wait next Sunday to see some more of it!

Unknown said...

Oh my...that's just classic! Wonderful job there, Franceso! This is pulp!)


mark Murphy said...

I've been following your site for along time now but it's the appearance of these first two pages that is making me speak up. Fantastic stuff! love the noir/pulp influence. the layouts on page two are great. Excellent story telling coupled with great design. can't wait to see the new site.

Neue Ziel said...

I'm covering every single update regarding Black Beetle via Twitter. Go check it out when you have the time Francesco: (I tweet regularly so try to check it out fast) Anyways, i'm loving the first two pages, can't wait to check the whole thing. But as any good project out there, it needs time to build up momentum.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Chad: you have the power to make me blush :D Thank you so much for the kind comment :)
Slavi: well, I thought I had to start it at a certain point so why not sooner rather than later? ;) Thank you :)
Ruben: grazie mille, fratello :D
Azhar: thank you for the flattering comment :) I will try to stop by and leave a comment or two as soon as I catch some breath. (Under a couple of tight deadlines right now)
Emil: Merci, mon ami :) So glad to see you popping in here every now and then :)
Dave: always good to get the approval of another pulp artist like yourself :) Thank you!
Mark: the fact that you came out from lurking mode to compliment the first 2 BB pages is flattering and shows me I am doing something right :) Thank you and stay tuned for more about the new site (coming very soon).
Neue: thank you so much for the always kind comment and for pimping this project on the web: the more know about BB the better :D

And now get ready to meet Joe Fierro, tomorrow on Pulp Sunday :)