Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dragon Man!

Galactic Adventures
Hello, Pulp Friends,

here's the second cover (in a set of 4 covers) for the Pulp Sci-Fi role game books I was mentioning earlier this week. This cover features one of the dreaded Dragon Men of Hydrus! A pretty mean (and ugly) dude ;)
Working on a Magma creature and a hoovering robot next.

Stay tuned and have a Pulp Sunday everyone! :)


Artwork © 2009 Francesco Francavilla.
"Galactic Adventures in the Fourth DImension of the Forbidden Zone" © 2009 Killer B Games.


Neue Ziel said...

What's not to like about a badass unit called "PROTON RANGERS"? 5/5

Jake said...

These covers are great. Way to make it your own! Now if I can just get you to do a Ranger Danger, and the Danger Rangers cover!

azhar said...

love it..

very pulpy..

you're inking getting marvelous!
very minimalist and a lot of contrast..

i must learn from you this technique, sir

Francesco Francavilla said...

Neue: I know, that's such a cool title, isn't it? Thanks! :D
Jake: Thanks! :) What's Ranger Danger? A comic book? Tell me more.
Azhar: thank you, you are being too kind :D