Friday, February 19, 2010

Putting the Green in Green Hornet

Green Hornet Year One
~~ Click on the image for biggie ~~

Hello Pulp Friends,

CBR had an interview with Matt Wagner and John Cassadey about Green Hornet Year One yesterday on their website, and they were showcasing a few colored pages from issue 1, so I think it's cool if I show some of my color work over Aaron Campbell's beutiful inks in here as well. You guys are in for a treat, so make sure to pre-order this book :)

Click on the image for a closer look and hope you like what you see :)



Britt Reid said...

Nice, moody coloring.
Britt's dad was an amateur entomologist?
Of course it doesn't explain why the Green Hornet uses a gas-gun instead of some sort of hard-edged sting.
Hornets don't use gas.
If he had become the Green Stinkbug...

Francesco Francavilla said...

Maybe you are onto a new character, Britt ;)
Glad you dig the coloring: when offered the job, I wanted to go for not so litteral colors and it seems everyone is digging this approach.