Sunday, March 6, 2011

The BATMAN, 1935

The BATMAN, 1935
~~ Click on the image for poster size! ~~

Hello Pulp Friends,

I have been messing with a Batman story set in the 30s for a while now, and decided to share some of the concept art I have done (above). Especially now with the news coming from ECCC that DC is planning a new season of Wednesday Comics, I feel even more inspired to develop a little more this story, fully packed work schedule permitting. ;)
Speaking of, I hope you guys picked up Detective Comics #874 last week: it's getting tons of supernice reviews from everyone and that makes me very happy because Scott and I did even better in #875, out later this month. More on that when we get closer to the release :)

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the above poster (click for the bigger size) and wish you all a wonderful Pulp Sunday :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla


Deka Black said...

Eh, nice batmobile for the 1930's It have sradio? ;P

Mike Hawthorne said...

That is magnificent, sir!


dicecipher said...

Dude that so rocks!

JC said...

You simply have a divine gift. No other way about it.

spice said...

hi there! i really liked your artwork in DC 874. the use of colour & making everything so orange/pink with the blue windows, glasses etc is great, very atmospheric. you've drawn jim so perfectly, and the big title page is laid out really well (the end page as well, i didnt realize immediately that the big shape is a profile, but once i noticed, it's brilliant). i also really liked dick's 'vision' with the shark, so trippy! the eyes! so, there you go, some positive feedback :) it must be really exciting to get to draw batman comics.

mannycartoon said...

Dude are we finally going to get that cool Batman with the cool goggles you used to sketch on

I'm totally up for it!

BTW E-mail me when you can I have questions for you!

Chatmandu said...

I love this concept, it really is a piece of art.

Unknown said...

Sorry you couldn't come. I will watch for you next time.

Ted Hobgood said...

This is just...perfect. Amazing. Wonderful. If you ever decide to (or can) release this as a poster print, I'll stand in line.

JC said...

I second the poster idea.