Sunday, August 26, 2012

PULP SUNDAY's 5th Anniversary!!!! Feat. THE BLACK BEETLE

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Hello Pulp Friends,

I am so HAPPY to announce that today marks the 5th Anniversary of our favorite pulp place: PULP SUNDAY!
This blog debuted exactly 5 years ago (August 26th, 2007) with a series of Old Radio shows of THE SHADOW and THE SPIDER accompanied by lobby cards and spot illos I drew specifically for each episode. Little did I know back then that THE SHADOW and THE SPIDER would eventually come back in comics 5 years later and that I would be providing the covers for them :)

In the course of these fantastic 5 years of PULP SUNDAY I also thought this was the perfect place to debut the next Pulp Hero: my own The BLACK BEETLE. Remember those first web-based comics, and the ashcan featuring the first few pages of NO WAY OUT?

Well, I AM SUPER-EXCITED to officially announce today that THE BLACK BEETLE's NO WAY OUT will be in stores this coming January 2013 with The Black Beetle #1 thanks to the fantastic and awesome friends of DARK HORSE COMICS.

NO WAY OUT will be the first BB mini, with more minis coming after that.
But before we get to that (and reveal the covers), today, as a PULP SUNDAY 5th Anniversary Exclusive, I give you the above cover for THE BLACK BEETLE #0, which will be in stores this December and will collect the acclaimed 3-part story titled NIGHT SHIFT (which appeared in the pages of Dark Horse Presents) plus some extra content.

The BB books will also feature a letter page (my awesome BB editor Jim Gibbons and I are huge fans of those), so if you want to have the chance to see your letter in #0 or following issues, email your thoughts/comments/compliments/complaints to blackbeetle at darkhorse dot com :)

That's right! This means that starting in December, you will have a monthly Black Beetle fix for several months!
And as usual, please keep an eye on or bookmark the BB official blog for any updates/news

And the Black Beetle news doesn't stop here!

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You can get the above illo of The Black Beetle and Liberty Meadows next month at the Baltimore Comicon. For the first time, the show will feature an art book. This year's book is dedicated to Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows, and I was asked to contribute with a piece featuring LM and my own creation. The art book is limited to 1000 copies (I think) and it's a big size hardcover. So you might want to grab one if you plan to go to the show :)

Alright, let the celebration begin! 
Thank you so much for making these 5 fantastic years, my friends, and here's to another 5 years of PULP!   
Please  feel free to join in the celebrations if you are reading this :)

Cheers to you all


Artwork © 2012 Francesco Francavilla
created by, ™ and © 2006-2012 Francesco Francavilla


Brian said...

Now that's the way to celebrate an anniversary.

Congratulations my friend, very happy for you.

Dennis said...

OK, I'm pretty excited. But you got so carried away you mentioned "Old radio shows of THE SHADOW and THE SPIDER", when obviously you meant "Old radio shows of THE SHADOW and THE GREEN HORNET" (I really miss GH: Year One). No old radio shows of THE SPIDER exist. But THE SPIDER comic book is still awesome. Looking forward to seeing BLACK BEETLE again. Wish there was some way you could do a team-up between Dark Horse and Dynamite to cross over BB with The Shadow, Green Hornet, or The Spider!