Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Ghost Town" (Oct 05, 1940)

Ghost Town
Before getting to the today business, let me apologize for the missing episode of last Sunday: sadly I was incapacitated to do anything 'cause of a bad flu. I haven’t been sick in years and I forgot how bad it feels to have aches all over the body, high fever, and a throat on fire. Thankfully the classic old remedies (plenty of fluids and rest) and the love of my better half helped me to get through this and get back in shape :)
To make up for the missing episode, I will have a double feature sometime soon, so it's all good :)

The Shadow
While every common mortal uses to go do picnic in some nice place (a park, on the lake, etc), our dynamic duo, Lamont & Margot have the better idea to spend a weekend in a real ghost town. The town, Bed Creek, once center of activities for many gold miners working in the close mines, has bee abandoned for more than half century as it happened to many of these towns where the people move on to a different place after the mines get dry.
The owner of the only hotel still running in town tells to our duo that the ghosts of Bed Creek are real indeed and there is no joking about. Lamont and Margot will soon discover that they are real aright, but not so ghostly after all...
Cool and straight forward little story that I hope you guys enjoy :)

Have a Pulp Sunday, everyone!


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