Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pulp Spotlight: Alan Moore

Pulp Spotlight
Alan Moore
Hello pulp-friends,

this month spotlight is for one of the greatest (comicbook) writers of our times: Alan Moore.
He is the genius mind behind so many milestones of the sequential literature (From Hell, V for Vendetta, Watchmen to name a few) but he is also the creator of the Pulp series of the Greyshirt, Cobweb, and Tom Strong, all published in the anthological books "Tomorrow Stories" for America's Best Comics line (Wildstorm). If you haven't read these series yet, then do yourself a favor and try to find the back issues: thay are perfect gems for Pulp lovers like us.

Greyshirt is a clear tribute to the Spirit even if he likes to wear scarf and hat like the Shadow. To make it more classy, he also wears a tie and carries a nice cane. The man behind Greyshirt is Frank Lafayette, a former gangster turned vigilante after an explosion deformed his face and made everyone think he was dead. The art chores were held by Rick Veitch, who sapiently recreates the jungle of back-alleys and cement and asphalt seen in many stories of the Spirit.

The CObweb
Cobweb is the clasic femme fatale (and lethal), whose erotic power is enhanced by the fact that she wears see-through purple nighty and (seemingly) no panties. To make all this more hot, she has an assistant in a chauffeur's outfit (like Kato in Green Hornet!!!) who is also her lesbian lover. The art for the series is supplied by artist (and Alan's wife) Melinda Gebbie, who used her feminist erotica style to depict the strange adventures of this domino-masked heroine. The cool thing is that Melinda was using different approaches in each stories, making all of them visually entertaining.

We will talk later of the other pulp heroes created by Alan Moore and Co. for ABC. Meanwhile hope you guys enjoy my tributes to these series and have a great Pulp Sunday.


P.S. Since I have been out all the weekend for a convention, I had to use some previously drawn art ;) (as you can tell from the dates) I hope that's cool with you and you enjoy them regardless :P

Pulp Spotlight is the new monthly feature where I will cover other famous characters that have helped to build the Pulp genre not just on the radio but also in the other media.


fedemilella said...

Wow 3 pieces in one go :)
That was a good pulp sunday !!!

Francesco Francavilla said...

HA! Oldies but goodies, I hope ;)
Grazie mille, Fede :)


Brian said...

You had me at "Lesbian Lover!" ; )

Cunningham said...

I have finally linked you to my blog properly.

You are, of course, in the 'pulp' section.

Mike Hobart said...

Can we see more of Cobweb... (you know what I mean!)

Francesco Francavilla said...

Mike and Brian: HA! I'll see if I can slip in some more Cobweb in the future ;)
Bill: thank you :) One day I have to find time to work on the side bar here and add some links as well. Meanwhile I read that you have been with the Flu as well: tough times ;)