Monday, September 8, 2008

MPC Week: "Sonambulo"

Modern Pulp Comics
Tell Him Your Dreams!

For our second appointment with Modern Pulp Comics, I want to introduce you all to Sonambulo, the private eye with a luchador mask (how cool is that?) created by Rafael Navarro. This was a lucky find at SDCC 06, when Rafael's wife left a copy of the book on my table.

Believed dead (mobsters attempted to kill him) and buried for over 2 decades, former luchador Sonanmbulo wakes up from a deep sleep and comes back with the incredible powers to see other people dreams and to go for days without sleeping. He decides to use his new powers to do some good, hence his decision to become a P.I. and fight the bad guys, both the material gangsters and the supernatural evils.

Drawn in a beautiful Black&White, Sonambulo has all the noir, pulp elements we have learned to love from those old school P.I. investigation cases.


"Modern Pulp Comics" © 2008 Francesco Francavilla


john adcock said...

I have a few copies of Sonambulo and read them to tatters! Great choice.

Dave_Flora said...

Hot Dang, that sounds like a cool premise! I need to look for a few tattered copies for myself!)


Francesco Francavilla said...

John: thank you :D and let me tell you how much love your blog :)
Dave: definitely something to add to your library :)