Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BC - Jack of Spades

BC Jack of Spades
Hello Pulp friends,

Continuing in my one-a-day week (which I hope you guys are enjoying) here's today a sketch I just did for a charity art auction that will be held during the next FX show in Orlando. I will be posting the final piece (washes on bristol) when it's done and will give more details about the auction and the theme of it. Meanwhile hope you dig my Black Coat as Jack of Spades :)



mikeo75 said...

I miss The Black Coat, when can we expect a new issue??? :)

Great if you can finish the whole deck with famous heroes, I will buy the first one :)

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you, Mike :) I am planning to do some BC tales/sequentials in 2009 so stay tuned :)


Joey said...
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Joey said...

Hello! May I know if I can use this image for a video? I'm trying to look for Jack of Spades and your picture appeared as a result and I think it's very cool.

Thanks in advance~ Cheers~