Friday, March 6, 2009

The Hunt!

Lullaby - pag.2 color

Hi guys,

New day new post: this time it's page 2 from my short story "Lullaby" for the western anthology "Outlaw Territory" Vol.2, edited by Michael Woods and to be released through Image comics. While working in between issues for the Wildstorm mini, I am slowly getting this little tale done as well. Hope you guys dig it :)

Have a great Pulp Friday everyone :)


Lullaby - pag. 1 inks


ilia said...

you should try out for Jonah Hex, you have a great feel for the west. Just look at the movie poster you created.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thanks, Ilia :) I tried to get to do some Jonah Hex a couple of years ago. Last year I have been busy with Zorro, so I should check into it this year ;)