Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Minutemen's Comedian

Hello Pulp friends,

Continuing my take on the golden age Minutemen, here's the Comedian.
Why it's reminding me the Untouchables' "Riiiidiii, Pagliaccioooo, Ridiiii..."? ;)


P.S. I know the golden age Comedian didn't have the mustaches, but I had to add them ;)


Neue Ziel said...

The Comedian kicks some major ass! Back Alley beatings and foggy nights are the perfect setting for pulp-esque art!

Dave_Flora said...

You know, I loved the Watchmen Graphic Novel, but I can't seem to work up any enthusiasm to go see the movie. I keep hearing mixed reviews, so I may wait for it to come out on DVD...
Great tributes here, Francesco!

Chad Carter said...

I think WATCHMEN was very well done, movie-wise, Dave. It's hard to take near three hours out of life for it, especially for talented working men like yourself and FF.

Actually the Comedian grew on me as a character after seeing the movie. I suddenly saw more potential with him as a character. Of course I, like many, have always been a Rorschach man...but I actually wish I had more of the Comedian's sarcasm where it comes to dealing with a troubled planet!

FF, you definitely look to have captured a "missing" moment in the Comedian's career...sometime before he dropped the funky yellow costume and adopted the riot squad armor, Mr. Blake went off the deep end while indecency-busting a group of teddy boys in the late 1950s, and this is a moment of no return. Spooky.

Neue Ziel said...

Chad Carter coulnd't possibly be more right. Watchmen (movie) was f*cking awesome, people should give it a try... I've watched it 3 times myself.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Neue, Dave, and Chad (cool to know I captured that event without even knowing it ;)), glad you guys dig my take on the classic Comedian :)
I actually went to see the movie on the opening weekend: I enjoyed it even if I wasn't WOWed by it. I guess it was the same reaction I had when I watched Sin City. Both were visually a delight, but I knew the stories so well that having the movies being so faithful to the source kinda spoiled them for me, if you know what I mean.
That said, Watchmen was entertaining, a tad too indulgent on some graphic, violent scene, but entertaining nonetheless. The soundtrack was pretty nice too.