Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holmes: A Study In Sepia

Holmes: A Study In Sepia
Hello Pulp Friends,

today I am sharing a little tribute to the Great Detective, based off this (below) pencil sketch I did during the holidays while visiting the in-laws.
Holmes: A Study In Sepia

I decided to bring it to the inkwash stage and start to build the studio around him. Finally added some digital colors to get the final result you can see on top.
Stay tuned in the next days for more Holmes and Mignola's Baltimore :)


Holmes: A Study In Sepia

Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla


Greg said...

Great work. A very smooth classic rendition of the Great Detective, as a long-time Holmes fan, I approve of this artwork. Also, I do find it very interesting to see how an artist's ideas begin and the final they take. Keep up the good work.

Craig Zablo said...

I'm not a Sherlock Holmes fan, but I dig that piece!

LonesomeDove said...

I love Sherlock Holmes...well, excluding the new movie. But this is just beautiful; very classy. I adore sepia-toned artwork. Looking forward to more!

rory said...

Nicely done, Francesco!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so mcuh, Greg, Craig, LD, and Rory :D
It just makes me happy to see this image appeals both fans and not fans of the Great Detective :)
I have another one in the work, so stay tuned for more Holmes pretty soon.