Friday, January 8, 2010

"King Creole" (1958)

War Of The Worlds
Hello, Pulp Friends,

to tribute the 75th birthday of the man who defined (and maybe created) the word "rockstar", I decided this morning to do a little noir movie poster of one of my favorite Elvis Presley's movies, "King Creole", from 1958.
I love this movie not just becuase of Elvis' starring, but also because of the settings (New Orleans, I city and its music I dearly love), the B/W noir feel of it, and the Casablanca director Michael Curtiz.
Click on the image for bigger poster.

To add to the celebrations, on my sketchblog I also posted a commission from (ommy) 5 ys ago.

Happy Birthday, Elvis :)


Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.


James Clayton said...

I'm not a fan of Elvis but, damn, I dig this poster...

Awesome stuff!

Greg said...

Man you really have done right by The King, that is a real beauty. It doesn't hurt that I am unrepentant sucker for Elvis movies. Time to go put some music on I think.

Brian Meredith said...

Man, I love this poster, Francesco! I am a huge fan of Elvis, and you made him look even more badass!

Craig Zablo said...

Love it when you do the posters. A cool tribute to "The King".

rory said...

Great mood to this! I work with a big Elvis fan, sending this link now!

Zach S. said...

keep up the awesome

Francesco Francavilla said...

James: wow, that means I did it right! :D Thank you! :)
Greg & Brian: and even happier to see fans of the King as yourselves giving approval thumbs up. Thank you both, guys! :)
Craig: I love making posters too, even if they require a little more time and planning. Glad you dig it, :)
Rory: thank you for digging this and for spreading the links :)
Zach: Thanks, I'll try :D


Dominic Bugatto said...

Love this one!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you, Dominic :)