Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zorro Salutes

Zorro Salutes
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Hello Pulp Friends,

I recently joined a group of fellow artists who jam weekly on a specific character. The blog is Comic Twart (Twitter Art) and the first week topic/character was (HA!) Zorro! Of course I felt like I was playing in my own backyard ;)
With issue 19 (coming out later this month) and issue 20 (coming in late Feb) wrapping up my third arc (and second run) on Zorro, I decided to partecipate to the jam with one of the pages from issue 20 that just came out from the oven. It seemed to fit the ending of the arc (even if that is NOT the last page of the issue ;)) with a nice shot of Zorro saluting and Tornado rearing :)
Please check Comic Twart for more zorros from some talented people.

Also please come by and say hi if you are gonna be in Charlotte and surroundings this coming Saturday: I will be at the Charlotte MiniCon with goodies and always a big smile :D See you there!


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Gihèn Ben Mahmoud said...

Mitico ZORRRO.... e uno dei miei eroi preferiti. MA doove posso trovare il fumetto ????

Francesco Francavilla said...

Grazie, Gihen. :)
per ora il fumetto e' disponibile in inglese online (AMAZON?) ma spero che un giorno lo traducano in italiano.