Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kara Bocek pag.7

Kara Bocek page 7
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Hello Pulp friends :)

If you thought that our little trip to Constantinople was going to be a Travelocity commercial, well you were wrong. As you can see in today's episode, these cats are not kidding.
And they have claws! ;)

Hope you enjoy the show and I will see you for the date next week :)

Have a wonderful Pulp Sunday everyone!


All images © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.
KARA BOCEK, BLACK BEETLE & COLT CITY created by, ™ and © 2006-2010 Francesco Francavilla


Evan "Doc" Shaner said...

Maybe it's just because I've been watching King Kong all weekend, but the blonde strikes me as a Naomi Watts/Ann Darrow type now. I know that's not the case, but still.

Love those first two panels, Francesco, the colors are great.

James Clayton said...

Colours and atmosphere awesome indeed. I'm loving seeing this slowly unfurl, even when poor innocent taxi drivers are getting tortured...

Francesco Francavilla said...

Evan: HA! I guess it's that 30s hair-do (and blonde color) that makes it ;) Glad you are enjoying storytelling and colors, thank you :)
James: thank you :) It's a bit of a challange to come up with a page that can be read as standalone each week, but that's part of the fun in making these, isn't it? ;)

Did the blood (or Ihsan) scare everyone else? ;)


Brian said...


What I find really scary is how "cold" Fraulein Vogel is. That woman could give an ice cube the chills.

Francesco Francavilla said...

You haven't seen yet what Elsa is capable of, Brian ;)