Thursday, October 28, 2010

31 Days of Halloween ~ 28: La Maschera del Demonio

31 Days of Halloween: La Maschera del Demonio
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Hello Pulp Friends

two more classic movies and then the Grand Finale on Sunday - make sure to tune in! :)
Meanwhile enjoy one of the scariest movies of this horror marathon: the Italian LA MASCHERA DEL DEMONIO! :)

La Maschera del Demonio
Italy, 1960
directed by Mario Bava
starring: Barbara Steele, John Richardson, Ivo Garrani

In the 16th Century, in Moldavia, a princess is killed for practicing witchcraft and buried in the family tomb. After two centuries, two Russian doctors who are travelling by bring her casually back to life. The witch tries immediately to possess the body of her descendant.
This is Bava’s first movie as director.



La Maschera del Demonio
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Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla


BrittReid said...

Beautiful rendition of the beautiful Barbara Steele.

I'm dying to see what your October 31st piece will be if all these were preludes!

BTW, the film is better-known (in a somewhat edited form) as Black Sunday. See the uncut version, if possible!

Deka Black said...

Mario Bava... great indeed.